SCADA Training

Overview :

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is used for analyzing real-time information. It is now a part of many industries including energy manufacturing, water transportation, power generation and distribution stations, industrial plants, etc. SCADA Training includes networking, security technologies, concept and applications, programming techniques, historical data storage & reporting, alarm management, reporting of events & parameters, industry technology framework, etc. It works as an essential ingredient in most of the industries. Thus our PLC-SCADA training institute in Pune will boost the job opportunities for SCADA trainees.

  • Hours:24
  • Days: 6(4 Hours/Day)
Eligibility and Pre-requisites:
  • B.E/Diploma(Electical,Electronics,Mechanical,Instrumentation)
  • B.Sc.(Electronics)
  • Engineering students (3rd year and above)
  • Create a new project.
  • Modify an existing project.
  • Configure Ethernet and serial communications.
  • Create a 'Runtime' version of the application.
  • Add or modify basic elements such as graphic displays, tags.
  • Create animation and simple scripting.(NOTE: Advanced scripting and database applications are outside the scope of this training.)
  • Add or modify alarms, recipes and reports to the application.
  • Configure and execute data logging and execute data logging capabilities.
  • Control security levels.
  • Design screens using multi-state switches, analog meters, bar graphs, and text messaging functions.
  • Assign real-time data (tags) to screen objects.
  • Import tag data from an EXCEL spreadsheet.
  • SCADA Brands Used for Training
    • Win CC
    • Intouch SCADA
    • Intellution iFix.

Concept & Applications

Programming techniques for

  • Creation of pages
  • Sequencing of pages
  • Creating graphics & animation
  • Dynamos programming variables


  • Historical data storage & reporting
  • Alarm management
  • Reporting of events & parameters
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