AC Motors and AC Drives(VFD) Training

Overview :

Our AC Motors and AC Drives training give an understanding of the electromechanical concept which has a broad scope in industries. Gain practical knowledge and learn the functionality of various parts of this electromechanical systems. AC motors and drives are employed in textile industry, steel industry, rolling mills, paper industry (in compressors, machine tools, belt conveyors, pulp making, fans, jaw crushers, pumps, etc.). These industries always require a skilled person who knows how motors and drives work and how to handle them. Be a part of MPTA and shape your skills as per industrial requirements.

  • Hours: 40Hrs
  • Days: 10
Eligibility and Pre-requisites:
  • B.E/Diploma(Electical,Electronics,Mechanical,Instrumentation)
  • B.Sc.(Electronics)
  • Engineering students (3rd year and above)
  • Basic Operation and Components of a 3-phase Induction Motor
  • Connect and operate various motor starter circuits
  • Troubleshooting problems in motor
  • Basics Of drive technology
  • Benefits of using drive
  • Installation and Programming of drive
  • Ac Drives Used for Training:-
    • Mitsubishi Drive
    • Siemens Drive

AC Motor

  • Working principle of 3 Phase AC Induction Motor
  • Overload Relay
  • DOL and Star / Delta Starters
  • MPCB
  • Motor Specifications and Selection

AC Drive

  • Need of AC Drive in Applications
  • Basic principle of AC drives
  • Motor loads ~ Constant & Variables Torque, Constant Power
  • Programming of ABB –ACS140 AC drive
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