Basic Electronics & Embedded System

Overview :

Embedded Systems are revolutionary technology which act as a productive synergy between hardware and software design. Embedded Systems are an important part of every modern electronic equipment.

MPTA Education, a leading institute in training and placement institute in Pune, offers inclusive certificate course on Embedded Systems. The course offers strong practical knowledge along with necessary theoretical knowledge in the domain of embedded systems. Our experienced faculty shall empower students to acquire multifaceted concepts of embedded systems including basic design strategy and process modelling.

  • Hours: 3 Hrs. per day
  • Days: 30
Eligibility and Pre-requisites:
  • B.E/Diploma(Electical,Electronics,Mechanical,Instrumentation)
  • B.Sc. / M.Sc./ Instrumentation Students
  • Engineering students for project work / summer training
  • To introduce students with vital hardware & software knowledge of embedded systems
  • To equip students with advanced set of topics in embedded systems such as Arduino Microcontroller, Node-RED tool used in programming of Raspberry Pi .
  • To inculcate the designing ability among students at system level development and its real-world application.
  • To develop the approach among students to master a specific method or task through integrated projects and create a low-cost innovative Embedded Systems
  • Electronics hardware circuit Design
  • IOT

Raspberry Pi (Node Red Programming)

Arduino (IOT)

Electronics H/W Circuit Designing (20+ DIY electronic hardware circuit designing)

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